Why I Don't Lose Weight   By Wilfred Aguila, MD

"Why I Don't Lose Weight" is an accessible and compassionate new guide for people who struggle to overcome obesity and constantly fail. This timely new book is an innovative roadmap for achieving a healthy weight and a better life. It starts with a sharp U-turn in thinking about weight loss: Diets alone are not the answer.

Medical doctor and author Wilfred Aguila, "Dr. A", presents radical new ideas for losing weight, and importantly, not gaining it all back. Countless books provide diet and exercise plans; "Why I Don't Lose Weight" providesthe missing ingredient. The key to success is discovering why you fail at weight loss and "learning not to fail."

It's no secret that millions of Americans are struggling with extra pounds. More than 25 percent are overweight or obese, despite the national obsession with dieting.

"Why I Don't Lose Weight" uncovers the reasons why weight loss is so difficult and how to use that information for real results. Readers will be surprised to learn that chronic overeating isn't the chief villain. Diet and exercise are important, but only part of the conundrum. A host of factors are involved, including a sticky trap called the Cycle of Obesity, and the importance of how you think.

Aguila, a medical doctor in Tampa, Fla., is well qualified as an obesity expert. First of all, he's a bariatric surgeon, who performs weight-loss surgery and has helped hundreds of severely obese people. Secondly, and this is the surprising part, he was once obese himself for many years, beginning in his surgical residency.

"Why I Don't Lose Weight" is written from Aguila's personal perspective. Obesity is a very tough problem, he acknowledges. He includes candid anecdotes from his own life (the jabs from colleagues, the rollercoaster safety bar that didn't fit over his belly.)

But the heart of the story is this: Aguila was obese for 10 long years. Then he had a turning point. He let go of denial, accepted he had a problem, and vowed to change. He succeeded.

What was different this time? Aguila learned how not to fail. He looked at what made him obese, and discovered the hazard zones. Through that, he gained tremendous new insights about weight loss, all of which readers will find in "Why I Don't Lose Weight".

"Why I Don't Lose Weight" is a blueprint on how not to fail. It includes easy-to-understand tools that readers can use daily on their own journey to success.

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Conquer Obesity with Weight Loss Expert Dr. Aguila

"Once You Understand The Cycle Of Obesity You Can Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals."

-Dr. A    

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Reviews of Why I Don't Lose Weight By Weight Loss Expert Dr. Aguila

"Dr. Aguila’s book cuts to the chase by highlighting why our attempts to lose weight so often fail. We humans are an inextricably connected system of body and mind, and diets that overlook this fact are doomed. Dr. A’s description of the cycle of obesity and how to break it is a major contribution. I look forward to applying these methods myself."

-Dr. Stan Tatkin, PsyD MFT, Author of Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style
Can Help You Defuse Conflict and
Build a Secure Relationship